Scenes From The Screen



Quick mental exercise for you: Imagine the Dark Knight Rises where the Dark Knight doesn’t show up to protect Gotham.  Now, imagine a version of Indiana Jones and Raiders of The Lost Ark where the whip wielding archeologist isn’t around to stop the Nazis from securing the Ark of the Covenant.  All right, still with me?  Imagine Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone where the frail, spectacle sporting British lad stays back at Hogwarts to catch on up on his lessons.  Now, Imagine all the people today…. sorry ‘bout that.  Anyway, my point is: What happens when the protagonist of a film franchise is absent, especially when the title possesses that character’s moniker, of an entire movie?   Well, that happens to be the case with The Bourne Legacy.

As I mentioned, Jason Bourne is nowhere to be found, save for a few pictures, in the Bourne…

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